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My Exclusive Interview

30 Jul

Hey everyone! I have some great news! I was chosen as Person of the Day on one of my fellow bloggers, Payton, fashion sites! It’s really exciting! So check it out! Plus check out my interview with Payton!


I want to share this Look on with you. Let me know what you think!

30 Jul


via I want to share this Look on with you. Let me know what you think!.

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Ugly Clothing Piece Contest!!!

30 Jul

There are so many trends and everyone has their own opinion towards every one of them! One thing I know though is that pretty much all of us can agree that these three pieces below are the most ugliest of all time!

Anyways, your job is to take one of these clothing items and incorporate it into a stylish outfit! Whoever’s outfit is the most chic, will get their design featured in my blog and will get their blog promoted on my site!

Please send your design in an attachment to

Contest Deadline is Wednesday, August 4th by noon Pacific time.

Good luck to all contestants!

Plenty of Plaid!!!

26 Jul

Plaid has been used over and over again, way too much over the past year! They’ve used it on shoes, shirts, hats, purses, and even pants and socks! It started off as a cool fall trend last year, but now it’s everywhere! In my opinion, plaid has to go! Girls plaid shirts have become really popular for teenagers, but I think the only exception is once in a while for guys.

Do you know what’s really hideous? Almost every time I go in Wal-Mart I see someone wearing plaid flannel pajamas! This is just a tip! Anything you’ve worn to bed, you should never wear in public! I’m sorry, but that’s just pure laziness! Seriously! How hard is it to get dressed in the morning! How long does it take? Five minutes at the most!

Now you know how much I hate plaid!

Computer Problems!!!

21 Jul

Hi everyone! You’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t been blogging! My computer has been having serious problems lately. Hopefully they’re solved for now. Anyways…, I’ll be sure to have a blog post by Monday!

Thanks to all of my supporters!

-Breauna : )

Whoa! That’s Pretty Cool!

10 Jul

As I was checking out Dulce Candy’s blog, I stumbled upon one of her youtube video tutorials! I heard her mention the cosmetics line ELF. Has anyone ever heard of it? Well, I checked out ELF’s website and guess what? Almost all of their makeup is under $3!!! That is amazing! Their eyeshadow and lip gloss is only $1!

I got some mascara the other day in the store and it cost me almost $6! That’s crazy to find such good deals like that! I’m definitely gonna try ordering from there. I’ve heard tons of good reviews about it too!

So check out their website!

Oh and I think their watermelon lip gloss looks really pretty!


2 Jul

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted for a long while because I’ve been volunteering my time helping out at Vacation Bible School during this past week! I’m back now though!

When you’re walking down the street, or in the mall, or even just examining a magazine, there’s always those clothing pieces or accessories that catch your eye. There’s even people that catch your eye! Maybe they catch your eye because they are breathtaking or because it’s the most ugliest clothing piece you’ve ever seen!

So what do you think about some of these “eye catchers”? Are they ugly or stunning? I’d love to hear you’re opinions towards them too! Tell me what you think and be sure to comment!

The most craziest hairstyles ever! To me, their more than hair, they’re art!

This is another example of breathtaking makeup. I like how it has an Elizabethan era style! It's unique.

Ear piercings are okay, but I think facial and body piercings can take away from someone's beauty. They can also sometimes be unprofessional. When I see someone with a lot of piercings, my response is usually, "yikes!".

Chunky Flip Flops! Not cute! They make your legs look chunky and fat! Not a flatterer!

Her makeup is amazing! I know you wouldn't wear it to the mall or grocery store, but it is uber cool for the couture photo shoots and the runway!