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Plenty of Plaid!!!

26 Jul

Plaid has been used over and over again, way too much over the past year! They’ve used it on shoes, shirts, hats, purses, and even pants and socks! It started off as a cool fall trend last year, but now it’s everywhere! In my opinion, plaid has to go! Girls plaid shirts have become really popular for teenagers, but I think the only exception is once in a while for guys.

Do you know what’s really hideous? Almost every time I go in Wal-Mart I see someone wearing plaid flannel pajamas! This is just a tip! Anything you’ve worn to bed, you should never wear in public! I’m sorry, but that’s just pure laziness! Seriously! How hard is it to get dressed in the morning! How long does it take? Five minutes at the most!

Now you know how much I hate plaid!