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Spring is here!

7 May

Spring is here which means there’s new styles to come. I’ll tell you what I think is a good trend for spring 2011 and what is a trend you should stay away from during 2011…

ROMPERS- Cute when….paired with intricately decorated gladiator sandals and beachy long hair.
Trashy when….paired with flip flops or sneakers and a messy bun.

MAXI DRESSES- Cute when….paired with rhinestone sandals and a stylish curly updo and massive accesories w/ a beach bag.
Trashy when….paired with flip flops, large sunglasses, and no accesories.

NEON ANYTHING- Cute when…..paired with simple makeup and sleek and classy ponytail.

Trashy when…..paired with matching color eye shadow and extravagant accesories or curls.


-Be creative with your hairstyles during the summer…

-Be bold! With colors, patterns, shoes! mix and match