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Spring is here!

7 May

Spring is here which means there’s new styles to come. I’ll tell you what I think is a good trend for spring 2011 and what is a trend you should stay away from during 2011…

ROMPERS- Cute when….paired with intricately decorated gladiator sandals and beachy long hair.
Trashy when….paired with flip flops or sneakers and a messy bun.

MAXI DRESSES- Cute when….paired with rhinestone sandals and a stylish curly updo and massive accesories w/ a beach bag.
Trashy when….paired with flip flops, large sunglasses, and no accesories.

NEON ANYTHING- Cute when…..paired with simple makeup and sleek and classy ponytail.

Trashy when…..paired with matching color eye shadow and extravagant accesories or curls.


-Be creative with your hairstyles during the summer…

-Be bold! With colors, patterns, shoes! mix and match


What is fashion???

19 Mar

Fashion is meant to be your own style. It doesn’t mean you have to follow the trends of what everyone else is wearing or what’s in the magazines. You don’t have to wear North Faces, uggs, and vans like everyone else. I think teens are prone to falling into the tricks the media has on us. They feel like if they don’t dress as everyone else does, they won’t be accepted. The truth is, it’s much better to be hated for having your own taste than being loved for dressing in a way that portrays a completely alternate personality from what you really are. I am able to appreciate people who have their own fashion sense whether it’s punk, retro, vintage or simple and tasteful. It doesn’t matter what genre of fashion you side with, it just matters that you’re being yourself! Be you and if you’ve got it, flaunt it! hehe 😀